Mason Cash White Pudding Basin

Mason Cash White Pudding Basin

Mason Cash White Pudding Basin
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Mason Cash White Pudding Basin

As classic and recognisable as the mixing bowls, no household would be complete without the traditional white Mason Cash pudding basin. The mixing bowls and pudding basins are the perfect partners.

Once the pudding mixture is poured into the basin it can be covered with greaseproof paper, muslin or cling film to form a lid. The rim around the top of the basin makes it ideal for retaining the 'lid' and therefore perfectly designed for any mixture requiring steaming. The rim also provides added grip when the basin is tipped to remove the pudding.

Not only have Mason Cash products become design classics, but they also maintain the highest quality standards whilst incorporating the perfect functional design.

In fact the standards are so high even the British Royal Household uses the pudding basins for Plum and Christmas Puddings to give to their staff in the appropriate season as gifts.


  • Size: 12.5, 14, 16, 17, 20cm
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