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Sigg Jungle Fun Bottle 0.3L

Sigg Jungle Fun Bottle 0.3L

Sigg Jungle Fun Bottle 0.3L
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Sigg Jungle Fun Bottle 0.3L

This bottle is great for the kids' school lunch. With a cute Jungle picture and bright colour it will brighten up lunch time. It is the perfect design for kids and is leak proof in 2 positions. To drink simply lift the mud cap and give the spout a half twist. Another half twist closes the spout and the cap snaps back into place. The hygienic inner coating alleviates odours, contamination of the contents and aftertaste keeping your drink fresh. With maximum strength and durability the flexible inner coating remains unbroken even if the bottle has been dropped and is dented.

Sigg bottles are functional, innovative and perfect for leisure and sporting activities. Using a Sigg reusable bottle is one way of cutting down waste and taking care of the planet.

License: Worldwide

Swiss precision engineered

Extrusion pressed from a one piece aluminium blank

Uniform & seamless walls

Solvent free outside coating

Resistant to fruit acids & isotonic drinks

100% leak proof


100% recyclable

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