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Sigg Night Whispers Bottle

Sigg Night Whispers Bottle

Sigg Night Whispers Bottle 8447.20
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Sigg Night Whispers Bottle 8447.20

This stunning black bottle with pink flower detail and fireflies is very eye catching, striking and stylish.

Sigg bottles are made from one single piece of aluminium to make a lightweight bottle that has strength and durability and the inner lining is practically unbreakable. Perfect for someone one the move! A stylish cap is designed to be child proof and has a loop so that it can be securely attached to a bag or backpack. Using a Sigg bottle reduces your eco footprint – so buy one today. A wide range of bottles are available from Sigg just choose the size and pattern that appeals to you! Features:

  • Capacity: 0.6L
4 Average Rating 4/5 (1 review)
4 stars beautiful bottle Written by

I love this bottle! I've bought it before, when it came with a black top, and I must say, it looks really odd with a white top. I don't know why they changed the colour, as it was really nice with the black top, but I hope they change it back at some point. I've actually painted the white top silver, using Hammerite paint and now it looks really nice.

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