Stellar Portable Induction Hob SEA15

Stellar Portable Induction Hob SEA15

Stellar Portable Induction Hob
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Stellar Portable Induction Hob SEA15

The portable Induction Hob from Stellar is not only fast and efficient but it will only heat your pan and not the surrounding air and ceramic plate. This portable induction hob is slim, compact and very stylish. There are 8 accurate temperature settings from 60c to 240c and can reach full cooking temperature in seconds, which is perfect if you are in a hurry. This is the ideal portable hob for the modern cook with precision cooking it heats to exact temperature and exact timings.


  • 2000W
  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Touch controls
  • Safe- only the pan is heated
  • Precision cooking
  • Slim and compact
  • 60c to 240c
5 Average Rating 5/5 (7 reviews)
5 stars Great Written by

Looks great, easy to use and clean. Beeps not loud. Great for cooking at the table.

5 stars Excellent !! Written by

This little hob is quite superb ....... so efficient and responsive. Bought as a temporary replacement, I may buy another instead of a large standard hob, totalling less than £100. Wholly recommended from a company offering a brilliant service.

5 stars Sleek addition to my Rayburn Written by

The Stellar provides a useful way of cooking without turning on the Rayburn. It's stylish and practical, but the hob takes some getting used to, as it shows only wattage power or temperature, rather than the simple system of 1, 2, 3 etc for graduations of heat!

5 stars Stellar Induction Hob Written by

Design is sleek and vert fast cooking - in fact lower settings mostly best to avoid burning items!

5 stars Stellar Portable Induction Hob Written by

Having my kitchen renewed at the moment and this Stellar hob is FANTASTIC! I could not have lived without it. Fast and efficient; I love it.

5 stars Stellar Portable Induction Hob Written by

This hob cannot be beaten for clean fast efficient cooking. Multi level power control, that is instant. No burns on pans from gas flames. Cooking times are greatly reduced due to faster cooking and therefore saving power, time and money. Easy to keep clean, no burnt on residue. All in all a great product that I would recommend anyone to try.

4 stars Stellar Portable Induction Hob Written by

I bought this small induction hob to augment my existing electric hob. It's surprisingly fast and temperature-accurate - an excellent product. The only disadvantage, as will all induction hobs, is that most of my non-magnetic pans don't work with it.

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What is the largest pan I could use, i would like to use my Le Crueset for making Caramel, i need the heat on all of it 25 cmm would be ideal?

The diameter of the induction hob is approximately, so that would be suitable.

Does this hob have a timer? If not do you sell an induction hob with timer?

The SEA15 does not have a timer, but the IH201840 has a 2 hours intergrated timer.



does the stellar portable induction hob need to be plugged into a hard wired cooker point ? thanks

The Portable Induction Hob does not need to be plugged into a hard wired cooker point and will run off any electrical point.

What are the dimensions of this hob - what range of pan sizes will it accommodate?

I can confirm the dimensions of this hob are approximately:

Length: 35cm, Width: 28cm, Height: 6cm

Pans with a base diameter of less than 120mm may not work on this on this hob.

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