T&G Assorted Little Boards

T&G Assorted Little Boards

T&G Assorted Little Boards
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T&G Assorted Little Boards

T&G was established in the UK in 1975. The company designs and produces a wide range of kitchenware including woodware, mills and ceramics. Hevea wood comes from the rubber tree. Once the trees reach 25-30 years of age (approximately 15 inches in diameter) their rubber yield reduces and they are no longer considered efficient and they are felled. They are replaced by young trees. Hevea wood is the timber from these older felled trees and is therefore considered to be ecologically sound.


  • Made from high quality hevea and acacia wood.
  • Assorted designs - choose from the Handled, Flower, Oval, Heart or Lemon.
  • Hanging leather tie.
  • Perfect for little chopping and slicing tasks.
  • Great for slicing lemons and limes for drinks.
  • Use for specific purposes such as garlic chopping and keep as a separate board.
  • To clean your board, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Do not soak or submerge your board, or place in a dishwasher.
  • Keep away from any heat source and do not store in direct sunlight.
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